Personalized Learning Plan

Rating yourself on the workplace and business behaviors outlined below will allow the system to provide you with a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

In order to gain the most accurate overview of your current skills, it may be beneficial for you to compare yourself to others you have observed in similar settings. Also, keep the following instructions and helpful tips in mind:

  • Select the response that best represents where you fall, relative to others.
  • If you have not experienced a particular behavior first-hand, rely on your knowledge in business or the workplace and choose the best response based upon your understanding. We do not expect anyone to score high in all areas!
  • We seek a realistic indication of your professional strengths.
  • Rating all responses as “high” on all behaviors or exaggerating your ratings can hinder rather than help your assessment results and alter your recommended course schedule.

Thank you in advance for your time and input!


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